This charter addresses the roles and responsibilities of the California Fire Alliance.

Organization and Operations

The Alliance consists of two levels of organization. The Leadership Group is comprised of the Directors, Agency Administrators or delegated Fire Director from participating agencies and groups. The Staff Group includes primary staff from those participating agencies. The Staff Group develops recommendations for coordinating programs and other business matters for approval by the Leadership Group. They are also responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Leadership Group.

The Leadership Group and the Staff Group will each have a Chair who will be selected by the members not to exceed a two year term. It is the option of each group to select a Vice Chair.

The Chair of the Leadership Group and Staff Group will be selected at the first meeting each calendar year and may rotate among the members every year if so desired. The primary duties of the Leadership Group Chair are to conduct Leadership Group meetings and to identify issues and concerns of mutual interest. Additionally, the Chair will prioritize items in the Strategic Plan and/or the program of work developed by the Staff Group.

Duties of the Staff Group Chair will include scheduling and organizing meetings and/or conference calls, for the Leadership and the Staff Groups, maintaining and distributing a record of all meetings and action items, ensure strategic plans and programs of work reflect direction from the Leadership Group.

Member agencies will support the Alliances’ activities with staff and associated minor costs for holding meetings, keeping notes and similar activities.

The Alliance will regularly and openly share information so that members can make decisions about their respective programs and projects in ways that provide coordination and integration with activities of other members. They may develop strategies, programs, and communications representing the Alliance position. The Alliance will have no discrete funds or authorities and will not oversee or any authority over the programs of any member.

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